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XX Congreso ATALAC, Mexico

Boca del Río, Veracruz

The present work evaluates the efficiency of a new technology that provides sugarcane with a source of bioavailable silicon. The study used commercial land at two different sites (Ameca and Autlán, in Jalisco, Mexico), with a split-plot design and a control. The trials involved two foliar applications of the new formula during the tillering stage at between 30–45 days. The tests included various measurements to determine the product’s effect on the crop’s production potential, such as: foliar area, plant height, budbreak after 30 days (No. of stalks/linear metre) and number of millable stalks after 90 days (following the second application of the product).The study was concluded with a chromatographic analysis of different nutritional elements in the foliage, primarily to obtain silicon levels. Levels of other elements such as potassium, boron, zinc, sodium and nitrogen were also determined. The analysis incorporated 45 leaf samples (first ligulate leaf) collected at random from each plot. According to the results, application of Armurox® favourably corrected the silicon levels at both sites. This correction was obtained with an initial foliar application of the new product at 30 days (after budbreak) using a dose of 10 mL L-1 and a second application 15 days later. The trial yielded a 20–32% increase in production. This study suggests that further research should be done into this product’s control on the different phytopathogens affecting sugarcane. The trial advocates continued research into the product’s effects on the growth of developing roots, the increased number of millable stalks and sucrose content. Keywords: Bioavailable silicon, sugarcane, agricultural output, nitrogen, potassium.

Felipe Caraveo, José M. Cerdà Subirachs, Ricard Brossa and Ricardo Hernández Pérez
Universidad de Cienfuegos, Cuba
language: Spanish

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