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A new Silicon technology for powdery mildew protection in IPM strategies

International Conference on Silicon in Agriculture, South Africa

Powdery mildew type fungi are one of the most persistent and common diseases limiting production of a wide range of crops worldwide. Besides the direct damage of the pathogen to the plant, fungi disease also weakens the plant’s resistance to any biotic or abiotic stress factors. With this in mind, the R & D Department of Bioiberica, S.A., focused on the line of Plant Stress Management, has developed a new foliar sprayed product containing peptidic organic compounds plus soluble active Silicon. This approach combines the well-known beneficial properties of both components: the biostimulant effect of peptidic compounds (PC) which helps plants to rapidly overcome physiological stress and the effects of Silicon on the plant’s resistance to fungal infections. Alternative plant disease protection treatments have recently raised more interest due to restrictions on the use of pesticides and environmental concerns. The objective of this study was to verify the new product’s effect on different plant-pathogen systems of agricultural interest and to check its ability to enhance plant resistance against powdery mildew attack in the field.

A. Botta, N. Sierras, C. Marín, M. Carrión y R. Piñol
R&D Department, Plant Physiology Division, BIOIBERICA, S.A.

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Jesus Hernan Castro (22-11-2012 12h55)
Me parece excelente el concepto de este producto. Lo han comparado contra productos químicos protectantes? Saludos.

Tags: biotic stress ipm plant diseases plant stress

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