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CeraTrap«, a Commercial Mass Trapping System for Med fly (Ceratitis capitata) Control Used in Israel

Panamß City, Panamß

The Med fly Ceratitis capitata has been considered for several decades as the major phytophagous insect in orchards worldwide, and in Israel particularly, due to the severe damage caused to the fruits. Taking into account that the pupae in the ground and the larvae hidden in the fruits are hard to control, the main efforts, as of the 60', centered on aerial applications for adult control. The leading product was Malathion, accompanied by bait. Malathion was banned for use in fruits for export (2009), and was replaced by Spinosad ľ a more friendly insecticide. Despite the chemical control, Med fly population has increased over the years, and the number of treatments reached up to 15 per growing season (citrus), due to the following reasons: a variety of susceptible host in the same region and on different ripening period result in sequence fly activity all over the year; consecutive winters with relatively high temperature; poor sanitation; resistance to pesticides; registration restrictions on the relevant insecticides. All that called for new strategies such as: Sterile male, biological control by parasite wasps, bait station ľ attract & kill and mass trapping.

Rabinovich, Itay, Baram, R. and Glidai, S.

idioma: InglÚs

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