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CROP-SCAN« a remote detection system for plant stress diagnosis 02/2014 ( de 5) Poster
(Smart Fruit - IPM International Congress, Barcelona)
CROP-SCAN « is a remote detection system for crop stress diagnosis and management. It is based on images obtained by thermal and multispectral cameras by flying over farms in determinate conditions. ...

VII Iberian Congress of Agricultural Engineering and Horticultural Sciences 12/2013 ( de 5) Scientific Communication
(Madrid, Espa˝a)
Crop-Scan« is a diagnosis service of crop stress, based on aerial images obtained by remote sensing with thermal and multispectral cameras in manned aircraft. This technology allows integrating on a m...

A new Silicon technology for powdery mildew protection in IPM strategies 10/2008 ( de 5) Poster
(International Conference on Silicon in Agriculture, South Africa)
Powdery mildew type fungi are one of the most persistent and common diseases limiting production of a wide range of crops worldwide. Besides the direct damage of the pathogen to the plant, fungi disea...

Study of The Mode of Action of Inicium«, a Product Developed Specifically to Overcome Transplant Stress in Strawberry Plants 03/2008 ( de 5) Poster
(Simposium Internacional de la Fresa. Huelva, Espa˝a)
For strawberry plants, transplanting is one of the most stressful stages in the entire life cycle, especially if an environmental stress factor occurs within the following days. Root development at t...

Amino Acids as Elicitors: a Way to Increase Plant Stress-Tolerance 05/2005 ( de 5) Scientific Article
(New AG International)
Several amino-acids are currently used in U.S. horticulture: gibberelic acids, auxines, cytokinins, etc. , mostly as inhibitors. In the last decade, amino acids biostimulants use increased because of ...

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